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Development advantages of motor mold

Release date:2015-12-24clicks:announcer:admin

  1、Motor mold of the domestic and international market space is very large, the new application areas continue to expand;   

  2、As labor-intensive industries, loyal to the motor mold development needs of sufficient technical engineers, strong R & D capabilities, which is loyal to the rapid rise of the motor mold and the development of the basic advantages;   

  3、The introduction of advanced machinery and equipment, spare parts and specialized production level has been greatly improved, the efficiency has been improved, delivery on time, quality assurance, products not only for domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises, but also exported to foreign countries;   

  4、The main material for the manufacture of the motor mold, I Division designated professional partner, the high level of material manufacturing technology, good quality, suitable for mass production. Fully able to meet the growing needs of the industry.  

  5、Loyalty of special equipment for motor mould manufacturing level has improved significantly, many equipment and imported equipment of the gap is gradually narrowing, such as winding machine, high-speed punching machine, balancing machine, spot welding machine, comprehensive test instrument, magnetizing machine and commutator car finishing machine etc., a lot of equipment can be comparable with foreign products, price is far lower than abroad, with strong international competitiveness.  

  Zhejiang mold industry has some obvious characteristics:   

  一、Mold production enterprises are almost all private enterprises, the mechanism is flexible, rapid development;  

  二、Is relatively concentrated in the mold enterprise, has formed the mold market, can play the collective advantage;   

  三、Is the mold at the same time to meet the needs of different levels of users, high level of rapid development of the mold, and has a large proportion of;   

  四、Is through a number of startups, has emerged a number of high-quality key enterprises;   

  五、Is a natural form of specialized division of labor, the main business features;   

  六、Is the mold industry development of the local and surrounding areas of industrial development of the pulling effect is obvious.